Monday, November 29, 2010

DeathCompany mini I painted awhile back

This will have to do as my first pic, its late and I can't be bothered taking photos right now so heres a BA Deathcompany marine I painted back in march. Enjoy

New Blog

So I thought it was about time to start a blog and decided 30/11/10 was as good a time as any. So about me I like to paint stuff mini's and canvases, but mainly at the moment mini's.
A bit more about me so im Matt from battle bunkertv on youtube, the one that likes to rant. I like to collect stuff, I play wargames(40K, Malifaux, dabble with a bit of warhammer and have played most of gw's games). Started playing this stuff in like 93 with 2nd ed 40k. Got back into it about a year ago after a 10yr break. Was never a very good painter before but since getting back into it i've been improving to where I am happy with what I paint, so practice practice practice is one of the best peices of advice i can give you.
So when I'm bored, pissed or not doing something better i paint miniture soilders, at the moment i'm working on an imperial guard army for 40k. I have been using victrix french old guard minis for my guardsmen. Also been painting my Colette crew for malifaux. This is on top of trying to finish my deathwing, my eldar and my other guard army.
Pics of stuff to come but now for some shameless plugs come check me out at battlebunkertv
also check out some fellow mates blogs
and fellow battlebunkertv try hard scotty the kid

Thats me signing off for now